Price of offshore companies

Country First Year Fees Second Year Fees Other
Anguilla $1230 $1050 A
Antigua $1300 $1000 A
Bahamas $1600 $1150 A
Belize $950 $650 A
BVI $1400 $1100 A
Cook Islands $2250 $1550 A
Costa Rica $1550 $850 *A
Dominica $1400 $950 A
Gibraltar £1250 £950 B
Liberia $1550 $1050 A
Marshall Islands $1550 $1050 A
Mauritius $2050 $1550 A
Nevis $950 $900 A
Panama $1250 $950 **A
Samoa $1400 $1100 A
Seychelles $950 $650 A
St. Kitts $1550 $1200 A
St. Lucia $1750 $1550 A
St. Vincent $1250 $1050 A
Vanuatu $1300 $1000 A
  • Avia and Slogold S.A. reserves the right to change the fees applicable to any product or service without prior notice.
  • The Incorporation Fee includes professional fees for the incorporation of the company, fee for the preparation of corporate documents, notaries, legalization, filing fees and a duty payable for standard authorized capital.
  • Annual Domiciliation Fee, payable annually in advance, includes the provision of office's facility, as required by local company law, Registered Agent and Company Secretary if required by laws.
  • Expenses for delivery of documents by courier are charged additionally around $100.
  • Expenses for apostille are charged additionally and depend on country for where and where apostille is being arranged.
  • Expenses for nominee services are charged additionally (A - director $150, shareholder $100in case of corporate entity being director or shareholder and director $450, shareholder $300 in case of person being nominee ) (B - director GBP300, shareholder GBP250in case of corporate entity being director or shareholder and director GBP450, shareholder GBP300 in case of person being nominee)
  • Avia and Slogold S.A. cannot accept an order cancellation or amendment after an order is placed.
  • No refunds are given after the purchase of the company.
  • Fees exclude any VAT or sales taxes that may be applicable.
  • * Costa Rican company needs 4 directors, ** Panama companies need 3 directors.

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Avia and Slogold Group S.A. is incorporated in Panama. We have office in Panama City. Registration number of Avia and Slogold Group S.A. is 877631-1-510466 and DUNS number 85.376.2784.

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