How to order offshore or onshore companies or LLCs?

If you wish to go ahead with the formation of a company you have to meet certain due diligence.

Although ASG will proceed with the formation and incorporation procedures no documents will be forwarded to the applicant until the following due diligence materials have been received:

  • Original completed application form which you obtain by email or download here in Word file or PDF file
  • Notarized copies of passport for all persons
  • Current bank reference letter for all
  • Copy of recent utility bill or recent bank statement or major credit card bill
  • Reference from a lawyer or accountant for all persons


The above materials are required for the beneficial owners, shareholders, directors and secretaries of the company.

Ordering procedure:

  • Fill our application form and prepare all above mentioned documents for all persons
  • Send us all required documents by fax or email that we can check them
  • We will issue an invoice
  • When we receive the payment we incorporate the company
  • We will send you all the company documents at the time when we receive the required documents in original

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Avia and Slogold Group S.A. is incorporated in Panama. We have office in Panama City. Registration number of Avia and Slogold Group S.A. is 877631-1-510466 and DUNS number 85.376.2784.

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