Corporate Offshore Bank Accounts

Corporate offshore bank accounts help companies reach their objectives in international tax planning, wealth structuring and asset protection.

Benefits of opening a corporate offshore bank account include:

  • 24/7 access through online banking
  • No special software is needed to access corporate bank account
  • Transfer funds easily and quickly worldwide
  • Personal corporate account manager
  • Credit and debit card availability for corporate account

Corporate accounts suitable for:

  • International trading companies
  • Asset-holding companies
  • Yacht/jet service companies
  • Investment companies

Requirements to open a corporate offshore bank account include:

  • Completed and signed application forms
  • A notarized copy of the company's Certificate of Incorporation, Articles and Memorandum of Association, Register of Directors, Register of shareholders and Certificate of Good Standing.
  • A notarized copy of registered share certificates (if the business issued a bearer share certificate, please contact the bank for exact requirements).
  • A copy of the company's Resolution or Power of Attorney to open account.
  • A notarized copy of the passport and one other personal identification document (e.g. driver's license) for each authorized person, director and shareholder (you must include the certifier's contact information with their signature)
  • A reference letter from a banker for each authorized person and shareholder, (referees contact information must be in the letter).
  • A utility bill or other document, which proves current address for authorized persons and shareholders.

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